How to Get Stunning Denver Aerial Photos

Do you have a property or project that you’d like photographed from the sky? Or perhaps you’re looking to license some custom Denver Aerial Photography? No matter your photography needs are – you can count on getting quality aerial imagery and Denver Aerial Photos with Rocky Mountain Photography.

If you’re looking to learn how to capture some of your own images of Denver, an excellent first step in capturing quality aerials is to work with the lighting conditions available. For example, if the building or skyline you’re shooting faces East make sure to capture it earlier in the morning.

Other factors such as fresh snowfall, cloud cover, and horizon clarity are also really important aspects to creating excellent aerial photos.

One very important aspect to consider is the height at which you capture the images. Drone aerial imagery can be captured from 0-400’ and is perfect for many situations. However, when you’re looking for a higher context, that is a perfect opportunity to capture your Denver Aerial Photos from a plane in what we call ‘Fixed Wing Aerial Photography’.

Fixed Wing Aerial photography shot from the window of a plane such as a Cessna 172 is ideal for capturing stunning aerial images in a wider and much higher context. The images are shot from 1000’ and above, perfect for animating roads and showing distances to nearby cities. 

Our team of part 107 FAA licensed drone pilots and are ready to create custom aerial photography of your Commercial building or Residential Property.

If you need any aerial stills for a project you’re working on from close up, roofing inspection images, or simply stock images of the skyline just let us know.

Please reach out to our team if there’s anything we can help you with when it comes to licensing or having us create custom Denver Aerial Photos.

Who we Are

Rocky Mountain Photography is a Denver, CO based drone, photography, and video production company focused on creating professional marketing media for the real estate, land development, construction, and business professionals throughout Colorado and the U.S.