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Apartment Roofing Photography

Project Overview

It’s always fun to conduct drone and progress photography on beautiful days in Denver on projects right next to downtown – and this project for our commercial roofing client didn’t disappoint! This project was a multi-shoot many month long roofing progress shoot of the Uptown Square Apartments in Denver, Colorado.

By using our drone, we were able to compose and capture unique aerial perspectives and matchups documenting the site’s progress, showcasing our roofing client’s abilities and professionalism in the process.

The roofing project involved removing dozens of HVAC units and the replacement of multiple apartment building’s roofs. Our skilled, experienced, and licensed drone pilot was able to capture all the key moments – from the site preparation to the final matchups, while this gallery is a brief summary of a single shoot.

By providing our client with a comprehensive visual record of their work they are able to document their projects and market their services and we hope to work with many roofers in the days and shoots to come. If you’d like to document a project of your own, reach out to our team today to tell us how we can help!

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