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Our Denver Real Estate Photography & Colorado Drone Video team are experts in creating stunning visual media of real estate from the ground and sky. Having captured over 5,000 residential & commercial properties over the past 7 years – our team of experts are ready to create beautiful marketing material to showcase your property in its best light. Perhaps you are a residential or commercial broker looking to lease or sell your listing? Or you represent an architect, developer, engineering, or construction company that is looking to showcase a property you designed or built – no matter your marketing needs, we’ve worked with, met, and exceeded real estate photography or video needs like yours before!

Every one of our Denver Real Estate Photographers have gone through extensive training on composition, camera settings, and lighting for how to visually capture each room of a home, office, or building professionally. Once our real estate media has been created, it is immediately imported, backed up, and soon reaches our team of editors and post production experts. You can then rest assured that every image will be enhanced through modern editing techniques and your finished marketing material will look fantastic. Here’s our three step process of working with us for creating professional real estate media:

If you have any additional edit requests, this is the stage we will make those immediately and then deliver your final images or colorado drone video.
We provide a wide variety of photography and video production services for real estate, here are a few of them listed out:


Real Estate Photography Services we Provide:

Real Estate Video Services we Provide:

What is ‘Fixed Wing Aerial Photography’?

Fixed-Wing Aerial Photography is aerial photography shot from the window a small plane, typically a Cessna 182. This provides a unique Colorado Aerials perspective of properties that is simply unmatched by Denver drone aerial photography alone. While each aerial service has their own relative benefits, fixed-wing aerial photography consistently yields exceptional wider and more contextual results from 1,000+ feet in the sky. Our Denver Aerial & Architecture photographer will be shooting with top-of-the-line professional grade cameras and lenses and have more control of the image quality while in flight to showcase the properties, parcels, or projects you care about most. Colorado Drone Aerial Photography, while convenient and well suited for specific assignments, simply does not provide the same perspective that fixed-wing aerial photography from a plane can provide.

What are the benefits Drone Photography or Drone Video for Real Estate in Denver, CO?

Drones are a fantastic way to photography or film real estate from the sky creating a unique perspective rarely seen that will separate your listing or portfolio from competitors.
Where a standard photo can only show the front or rear of a property, once you’re airborne, it’s simple to capture the entire property or estate in a single balanced image. This simple additional of aerial photography will separate yourself from other brokers or industry competitors and make your business look like the expert that deserves top dollar and repeat business.

Why Use Drones for Aerial Photography or Drone Videography in Denver?

Drone Aerial Photography is the most efficient and convenient form of aerial photography possible today to create compelling marketing material. Our FAA Part 107 licensed and insured Denver drone pilots use state of the art drones such as the Mavic Pro 2 to provide new and visually intriguing aerial perspectives.
An important aspect of any property, and one many prospective clients consider, is its relative position among amenities in close proximity. Standard ground photography alone may not be able to highlight your property’s greatest strengths. In addition to quality still imagery, drones have the ability to capture high-quality drone video. You can use these drone videos to craft powerful experience videos from the sky which will further distance yourself from the competition.


Exterior & Interior HDR Photography

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography provides the highest quality imagery available for your property by laying multiple images together. This layering not only produces an exceptional image but ensures that your photos are vibrant and illuminated no matter the weather.
Separate yourself and your listings from the mediocre media seen in the market today and let Rocky Mountain Photography elevate your impression.
HDR photography produces a quality of image that is unmatched by any other style, ensuring that windows aren’t blown out and beautiful views can always be enjoyed.

Rocky Mountain Standard Interior & Exterior Photography

For those  properties where HDR photography is not appropriate or would not provide the “look” that you are trying to convey, the Rocky Mountain Standard photography service may be exactly what you’re looking for.
For photographs that require a more neutral color palette or don’t have exceptional views or windows, Rocky Mountain Standard photography will be a perfectly adequate and more affordable style to meet your needs.

When using the Rocky Mountain Standard Photography service, the property will be showcased using the lighting available at the time of the shoot. As this method of photography takes significantly less time to capture and process the images, it’s a simpler choice if your budget is a significant factor in the choice of the photography method.
If you’re ready to book, you can click here to schedule a Rocky Mountain Standard Photography service today and see the quality of our work for yourself!

Dusk & Twilight Photography

Twilight photography is a premium exterior photography package that shows your property in a unique and beautiful lighting. Wow your audience with this vibrant, colorful imagery and separate your media from the rest. No matter the location or structure of your building or listing, dusk & twilight photography will always be a natural enhancement.

In order to capture Twilight images, the photographer must time their shoot perfectly to coincide with either 15-30 minutes before sunrise or 15-30 minutes after sunset. The beautiful glow comes from a balance when the ambient light in sky briefly matches the artificial light from the home – when the lighting is perfect for a brief 10-15 minute window. If you have a high end residential listing, we highly recommend booking our luxury package here or if you’re simply looking for some ‘wow’ images of your commercial site, you can book that shoot here.So, what’s next?

If you’re ready to book your today now you can click here to get started, otherwise – please fill out the form below to tell us about your media needs and one of our pros will call you within 24 hours to discuss how we can tell your real estate story from the ground or sky!


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