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Stock Portfolio

Over the years, photographers, drone pilots, videographers, and media creators have contributed to Rocky Mountain Photography’s vast Stock portfolio. It consists of skylines of cities from around the world, drone video clips of nature and cities, and a wide variety of additional stock media. If there’s a Colorado mountain town or aerial image you’d like to see, or even perhaps a skyline from any other major city, our team and growing portfolio should be able to accommodate your needs.

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Our Top Portfolios Include

Stock - Denver Skyline - RMP

Denver Skyline

Based in Denver, Colorado, our media creators have an abundance of the city skyline – ranging all the way back to 2013. If you’re ever in need of an aerial photo of the Denver Skyline from any direction since then, we have it in our portfolio

Stock - US Cities - RMP

US Cities

Ranging from San Francisco to Chicago, Los Angeles to and Baltimore, and cities in-between – our city portfolio continues to grow. The media includes fixed wing aerial photography from planes as well as drone photography and 4k video along with ground media.

Stock - Asia - RMP


Our Asia Portfolio includes over 15 separate countries such as South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. It includes shrines, cities, cultural moments, and beautiful landscapes

Stock - Themes - RMP


We have a wide variety of themed media such as water, landscape, aerial, ice, nature, and animals.

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