Photo and Video Studios for Rent in Denver, CO

Utilizing over 3,500 square feet of rentable photography & video studio space, the Rocky Mountain Studio has been custom built to support all of your professional photography, videography, and audio recording needs. As photographers & media creators ourselves, we built our studio spaces  around exactly what you’ll need to conduct a successful shoot. That’s why we’ve designed our studio to support the dynamic needs of creatives. With a green screen cyclorama room, makeup and dressing area, white & grey cyclorama coves, and full proofing room, Rocky Mountain Studio is Colorado’s most diverse media creation studio.

Built with a focus on comfort, compatibility, and ease of use, here at Rocky Mountain Studio, we’re committed to ensuring every customer is satisfied with their studio experience – no matter the session they are focused on having or media they are producing.

Our 3 Studios for Rent

Summit Studio

The Summit Studio features a 20’ x 20’ flat white infinity cove perfect for large groups, music videos, car photography, and so much more. Complete with a private bathroom, surround sound, pool table, private bar, and two industrial loading bay doors – it’s perfect for large fun group shoots and has the space to meet your needs.

Mile High Studio

The Mile High Studio comes complete with a full white and grey cyclorama cove, a separate proofing and reviewing room, private dressing room, two separate make up stations, a cold drink & a coffee station. With over 1,200 Sq. Ft of rental space, and multiple backgrounds – The Mile High Studio is our most versatile creative studio space.

Green Room

The Green Room is a perfectly smooth audio canceled chroma key green cyclorama cove 12’x15’ that is perfect for recording client testimonials, video interviews, blog videos, commercials, podcasts, and so much more. As videographers ourselves, we understand the need for quality and even lighting, a smooth green color, and a well balanced room for recording audio which is why we designed it to meet all of these needs.

The Rocky Mountain Studio has been built to meet Colorado & Denver Photo Studio Rental needs as well as these following areas:

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